Kevin Wade • Democrat For Delegate

Meet Kevin

Kevin Wade

Kevin Wade

Kevin’s background helped create his concern for others and desire for change. His mother is an immigrant who grew up under difficult circumstances on a small rice farm in Thailand. His father, a retired Foreign Service Officer, came from Midwestern working-class roots.

Kevin spent most of his school-age years living in developing countries where his father was posted. After returning to the United States, he worked in retail and as a server before becoming certified as an audio technician.

It was while working in Washington D.C. as a technician for PSAV, a not widely known but very large and powerful company that dominates the audio-visual servicing market in the United States, that Kevin personally experienced the kind of pain that unchecked American corporations are far too often inflicting on their workers. Under blatantly false pretenses, PSAV fired Kevin for trying to unionize his fellow workers. He sued and after a lengthy and difficult process forced PSAV to settle his claims and pay him some compensation, but current laws are so weak that the company in actuality suffered little, certainly not enough to deter them from acting similarly in the future.

This personal trial has helped Kevin see the compelling need for change in The United States and he is now committed to do whatever he can not only to fight the harm large powerful corporations are exacting on workers and consumers, but also to advocate for reform in the many other areas where our country’s political and legal system has allowed a privileged few to gain an unfair advantage in our society.